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AKA "Alcohol-anes"
Name of the high school in Lafayette, CA. Home to wealthy white kids who are surprisingly intelligent, generous, and socially conscious. Chock-full of hipsters, bros and preps. All of whom drink A LOT, because there is nothing else to do in Lafayette, and they have too much money.
"You go to AHS?"

"You mean Alcoholanes? Yeah!"AHS, Acalanes, Lafayette
by AHSCHRLDR November 19, 2008
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A public high school in East Bay, California notoriously home to rich white kids who have nothing better to do than party and spend their parents money on alcohol and nice stuff. Extremely image conscious, you will find hipsters, preps, and jocks to be the most common of the students. They receive good grades, are always partying, and appear extremely stuck up to those on the outside. Many people will classify Acalanes students to be prettier and better looking than the students at most other schools. Most of the kids are unfortunately stuck in a "protected bubble" made by their friends, family, and wealth.
Kid A: Hey man I just met this really awesome, down to earth girl from Acalanes
Kid B: Damn you should be careful. Those pretty girls all seem cool at first but most of them are fake. They all clean up really well try to keep a good image but eventually the truth comes out.
by highschoolkid2727 October 28, 2011
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