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Absu are an extremely influential North American Black Metal band, hailing from Texas. Their sound is characterised by extremely technical drumming, thrashy guitars and high pitched screaming occasionally breaking into bursts of ear splitting falsetto.
Their debut CD 'Barathrum: VITRIOL' established them as a band of extreme potential in the occult metal scene.
Their lastest release 'Tara' defined their sound having possibly the most brutal blastbeats ever seen in Metal.
Their drummer Proscriptor is a musical genius, with drumming skills to make people weep.
They sing about ancient mesopotamian and Sumerian as well as Ancient Celtic mythology and magic.
We are still awaiting their fifth release.
"Dude, did you hear that Absu song 'Pillars of Mercy'?"
"Yeah man, that guitar and drum solo in the first 30 seconds made me orgasm."
by FF45T1Z January 09, 2005
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