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A smart young handsome boy who’s always nice and gives second chances. He’s strong and caring and knows how to make a time worthwhile.
Absar is so nice
by Thoughtso August 05, 2018
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A handsome guy with a banging personality makes everyone smile he’s so badass and fearless!
Oh my god Absar is so Badass
by Thoughtso November 30, 2018
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a very stubborn donkey like human being, with long oily hair, and a bad case of IBS (irritable ball syndrome)
he is such a absar!
by James kaan August 18, 2010
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Absar is a godly individual who is able to perform at anything he wants to do at an elite level. He has no holes in his game. He is the prototypical all-around guy that is desired by many such as people, sports teams, companies, and girls. He rightfully knows his place and doesn't need any of that because he is usually better than all of that stuff. These things doesn't raise him to higher heights, he raises them to beyond even their comprehension of their own expectations. Absar underestimates himself and thinks that he is a god would be an utter understatement, he is way more than a god, and his importance even overshadows the purpose of life. He is far from a one-dimensional person as he is polished in every single regard, and calling him that would mean that you have just demoted yourself from a human being to something that shouldn't even be worth to be considered. You can call yourself lucky if you are claimed as a slave. All in all a Absar oozes divine talent that is light years away from an elite talent, who possesses an abundance of transcendent tools that would even be considered eternal to the supernatural. He posses an impossible task to defeat and will easily go through anyone and anything that stands in his way.
Person 1: "Absar"
Everyone: GASP
Person 2: "You cannot mention his name under your breath"
by The Fax Machine January 16, 2019
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