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Cutting a male friend out of your life. The equivalent of "breaking up" with one of your buddies.
Fuckin' Bruce was being such a tool the other night. He broke my microwave and then Carl said he saw him jerking off in my bathroom. I can't stand that dude's bullshit anymore. I'm gonna have to get an abrotion."
by Andrew Flint May 29, 2007
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stopping a friend from doing a terribly bro-y thing
Dude, I'm so glad my friend gave me an abrotion last night. I almost wore a double popped collar.
by raz2334 February 24, 2012
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That special sinking feeling you get when you do something and you instantly realize that you've damned yourself with that action.
Oh shit, did I just do that? I'm totally getting an abrotion right now.
by Pankster March 31, 2009
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When a bro has his broness removed by his female or signifigant other.
Dude I asked eric to go to the bar with us but his woman wouldn't let him go. I think he's gotten an abrotion."
by phylar May 22, 2011
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Leaving your friend behind or ditching them shortly after arriving to a party.
Chet reeked of Axe body spray, so Jay ran ahead and performed an abrotion.
by Ragdoll Farcists June 06, 2019
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