A game that stormed the gaming community and is widely considered to be played by normies, or Failed Abortions.
Look at those normies playing ABORTNITE. REEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!
by Dzed May 16, 2018
The phrase used when a squad starts to wreck you and your teammates in fortnite forcing you to retreat from the situation as fast as a black man leaves a pregnant partner
Manly: “Shit man, they are tryna flank us!”
by Bernard0079 March 9, 2018
When a woman is pregnant but her husband is too addicted to Fortnite to care about her so she gets and abortion and a divorce.
Wife: Honey we need to sit down to talk.
Husband: I can't my squad is almost winning.
Wife: You're so antisocial!
Husband: I'm playing with my squad and you're alone at the table so who's antisocial?
Wife: It's gonna be abortnite.
by Zipdox October 12, 2018
When a father successfully beats the pregnancy out of a woman
My Wife stated that she was pregnant from the hardcore fucking I gave her, so I'm gonna give her a hardcore beat down in abortnite. That's what I call a Victory Royal
by ChingChongMudufuka October 13, 2018
when your child wants to land in tilted but you want to get the victory royale by hacking the battle bus and killing them before they drop
Me: I'm not sure I'm ready to play Fortnite duos so i will play Abortnite
by bigbeater November 14, 2018
woman 1 : hey wanna play fortnite

woman 2: i just got my child abortion

woman 3: get on abortnite now
by oooomyyyygoddd October 12, 2018