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Aboboism (pronounced /ˈUh-bow-bow-izm/) prescribes a path of objectivity and self reliance balanced with duty to family and community. Its philosophy and practice emphasize constant scrutiny of persons in authority and promotes a personal journey towards a higher, ungoverned communal state of being. This journey is called the "Path of Abobo."

Aboboism is among the worlds newest religions having its roots in Southern California. Where it is preached by founder and high priest, the worldly incarnation of Abobo, that of Mr. Glubmin Abobo who, in keeping with the Abobo faith, took the surname Abobo as his own and chose a 'given name' at random from the book of Abobo.
Followers of Aboboism regard Abobo as a deity that has always existed, it is believed by Abobo historians that the faith was practiced in prehistoric times by an enlightened ancient culture of super beings who had perfected the art of civilized society through the adherence of Abobo principles. Some have speculated that the religion may have its roots in outer space, due to the purported intellectual capacity of its predecessors at a time when man had not yet mastered the use of simple tools.

The Path of Abobo is similar to the journey towards enlightenment or reincarnation pursued by the Buddhist or Hindu faiths. Only its better.
by He who walks the path August 25, 2010
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