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She may be short and seem unapproachable, but trust me she is definitely worth it.
She has a smile that can really make you feel giddy and happy even while you're sad and feeling down.
She doesn't realize it, but she has a slight pigeon foot that just makes her even cuter.
She's got a great sense of humor and will only get mad at you 98% of the time.
She will press her tongue to the back of her teeth when she's being cleverly funny, but again doesn't realize how cute she really is.
She may not always be in a great mood but just being near her will always give you butterflies regardless.
And that's just being with her. She has the bluest eyes and the widest most beautiful smile. She's got gorgeous blond hair and is the most beautiful girl you will ever have the pleasure of knowing.
You will be nervous when you approach her. But don't worry, you're the luckiest person in the world at that moment.
Guy 1: Hey dude! I just met an Abigale!
Guy 2: 'L-E' or 'I-L'?
Guy 1: 'L-E'
Guy 2: Lucky bastard!
by jrs22 February 23, 2017
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Is a very shy when it comes to people she doesn't feel like or accept her. But can be very social to her friends and people she feel likes and accepts her as a person. And Abigale isn't the smartest of people but can be when the time is right. She is loved by her friends and gets along well with younger kids. She has a great imagination and is very creative.
Abigale is a unique and friendly person
by AliSenLat July 15, 2018
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The most awesome girl you will ever meet, She may seem a little odd at times, but on the inside, you won't ever meet someone as amazing. She is beautiful, smart, has blue hair, and doesn't care what people think about her. I respect her so much for that.
She is totally pulling an Abigale for not caring what they say about her makeup!
by sister smurf November 26, 2011
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Abigale can be stupid but over all she is nice but Fucking annoying sometimes. She spits on a cock at 5000 rpm a second and is what you would call a dick slayer. Yes a dick slayer. Every guy she sees she slays. She goes “that dick will be mine and I will cut it off.” In all 4198 penis’ have been cut off. But no she doesn’t use a knife or scissors. SHE USES HER FUCKING TEETH. YES HER FUCKING TEETH.
Guy 1-“Whoa is that Abigale”
Guy 2- “holy shit it is I heard she bites dicks off”
Guy 3- “yea I she circumcised me with her teeth”
by にひらまや June 16, 2019
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she is bigestt bich that is worsr than wEn chAo and is BICHEN and is an idi0tIC crackheAdd >:) and wiLL do anYthIng to ch0k her friendos and murder the hE11 out of em big bulLy donT b frIenDs w/ heR
"Abigale is the worst person to ever exist."
by magical potatoe December 03, 2019
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