Arguing to prove a point that you believe is right when everyone else knows that the point is wrong
A group of friends trying to find their way out of a building after getting lost ---
A- We came in this way.
B- No, we came in that way.
A- Trust me, we came in this way.
B- Nooo, listen to me, we came in that way.
A- Dude, stop abhisheking around, ask anyone, they'll all tell u that we came in this way.
by EJ-VIT January 05, 2013
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A name given to someone who is smart, intelligent, sweet and all things amazing. A sense of humor which one has to have an acquired taste for understanding. Has his mind and soul on things he believes in and will do all things in his power to make things right. The kind of person who is one in a million.

"A role-model for other guys out there"
by tomatojerk April 16, 2010
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You can make at least three people look at you by calling this in Indian crowd
by abhijais February 17, 2020
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Someone who claims to be extremely straightforward but secretly feels offended and waits for enough time to mention it so that it can be used as a joke instead of getting it sorted at the time. Good driver but serves as a driving instructor on the passenger seat and looks down upon even remotely fast driving. Loves appearing to be stupid so that people can be spellbound when he gets an occasion to prove himself. Great teacher who lets his students help him discover his real passion in life. This name depicts people who taunt people by quoting others instead of coming up with something original.
PS- Don't ask them to crack jokes, it puts them on the spot
PPS- Has an affinity for North Indian girls.
Eg. Don't hold it in Man, it's okay to let it out, otherwise you're just another Abhishek!
by Driving Instructor101 January 30, 2021
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a name given to someone of extreme sexiness, pizazz and style, and of possibly the most amazing body in the world accompanied by large manly genitalia. Abhishek's also attract the utmost atttention from girls who most of the time just want the abhisheks dick, but are also attracted by his outgoing, kind, and unique personality that makes quality girls fall in love with him
OMG, check out that abhishek!
by adsadsad March 29, 2008
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