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Abhilasha is a Hindi word which means "desire " in english.
It is pronounced like "abhee-laasha"
Abhilasha names are generally of sweet and innocent indian girls.They are cute and beautiful.
by Abbeyray January 26, 2016
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Abhilasha is the female version of the indian name Abhilash. Abhilasha's tend to express there feelings through animal noises but don't be alarmed this is their friendly way of saying "hello" or "how is your day"
Hey who was that girl that barked at me in class today" "Oh don't worry that was just an Abhilasha
by The Factor Game September 10, 2010
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A very horrible violin player. The abhilasha usually is found making fun of viola players because they are insecure about their own inability to play the violin.
Im feeling like such an abhilasha today, I cant play any of these scales!!
by bestviolaplayerever September 09, 2010
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