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Aberystwyth (Abba-rist-wyth) (translated as 'Mouth of the Ystwyth') has a population of 13,500. Home of the highly regarded Prifysgol Aberystwyth University (n. 1872). It is located on the Ceredigion coastline south of Borth. It has gained a reputation as the location for one of the best universities in Wales. Attractions include the castle (n. 1277) and the beaches, cliff railway, and memorable starling displays by the pier before the sunsets.

On a less serene note, it has a student life that has gained reputation around Wales and beyond. Often known as #5 in Top 10 Naughtiest Universities, Aberystwyth has become known for its 52 pubs, 'Aberystwyth Confessions' (which gained recent publicity for being sexually explicit and to some derogatory), and primiscuosity. This could be reason for such a high student satisfaction rating.
"Aberystwyth has been known as the Gay Capital of Wales"

"90%+ Student Satisfaction"
by Aredhel January 24, 2013
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Otherwise known as End-of-the-line. A small, rundown town, resembling a post-apocalyptic seaside resort smack bang in the middle of Wales, UK.
Most of the buildings stand unchanged and uninhabited since the 60’s, and there are extraordinarily loud, large seagulls and other vermin running riot. There is an increased populace of insane and high people, who stumble aimlessly about the deserted streets, much like zombies. It is almost impossible to travel anywhere without having to climb a hill however, which sets the banshee-like population at a serious disadvantage.
The populace dramatically increases during term time due to the arrival of ten thousand university students who cause general chaos yet contribute around 99% to the economy, much to the dismay of the locals, who despise them with a burning passion.
When the students escape home in the summer they are replaced with Orthodox Jews who mostly seem to be holiday-making/practising misogyny.
Local attractions include getting shat on by a starling going for a nap under the pier, paying an extortionate fee to dance in one of two clubs then getting date raped, and being heckled at by the missing link in a fake Welsh accent.
Outsider's perspective: Aberystwyth is a lovely seaside town, I bet its wonderful to live there

Insider's perspective: You want to Live in Aberystwyth? You must be insane.
by Jester~ March 26, 2011
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A large town in Wales, administrative hub of Ceredigion.

It's also devoid of any redeeming features, and brings bad luck on any unlucky enough to visit the place. A haven for scallies from the valleys.

Inhabited by students (Fuck-fucketty-fuck-fuck-fuckers!), english ex pats, and (mainly) a peculiar brand of Welsh who are neither taff nor gog.

Apart from the sea and greenery (available countrywide!) it's literally the end of the line, with appalling nightlife, idiot promoters, and substandard venues.
A good example is visiting there to play a gig, finding the venue to be totally unsuitable, and then driving down the highstreet after the gig at night only to get FORCED INTO A WALL BY SCALLIES RACING DOWN THE STREET.

Diolch yn fawr Aber!
by Saeson July 06, 2005
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The measurement of a Swedish Eurovision-winning band's hand joints.
"We were fitting the band for new shirts, but they didn't fit properly on the arms because we didn't know the Aberystwyth."
by Tod316uk June 28, 2009
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