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Aberystwyth (Abba-rist-wyth) (translated as 'Mouth of the Ystwyth') has a population of 13,500. Home of the highly regarded Prifysgol Aberystwyth University (n. 1872). It is located on the Ceredigion coastline south of Borth. It has gained a reputation as the location for one of the best universities in Wales. Attractions include the castle (n. 1277) and the beaches, cliff railway, and memorable starling displays by the pier before the sunsets.

On a less serene note, it has a student life that has gained reputation around Wales and beyond. Often known as #5 in Top 10 Naughtiest Universities, Aberystwyth has become known for its 52 pubs, 'Aberystwyth Confessions' (which gained recent publicity for being sexually explicit and to some derogatory), and primiscuosity. This could be reason for such a high student satisfaction rating.
"Aberystwyth has been known as the Gay Capital of Wales"

"90%+ Student Satisfaction"
by Aredhel January 24, 2013
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The feminine term: breasts, boobs, tits.

The masculine word: bravery, balls, strength.
1. "That girl has awesome kahoonas!"
by Aredhel January 24, 2013
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Snail slime has become increasingly popular as a treatment for wrinkles. It is believed that the slime possesses anti-wrinkle properties though whether this is true is sorely debated. Day in day out, snails that would go about minding their own business, terrorising lettuces and meaning no harm to us, are abused and neglected for their slime. This sort of treatment must stop. If you are against snail abuse and neglection text SNAIL to 07842 (texts cost £2) or donate £30 today to bring snail abusers to justice. We have rights so do they. Eventually, we should get around to stopping the French eating them, stopping kids throwing them at walls for pleasure, but for now we feel this is the ultimate issue. Snail slime is not needed when we can all age gracefully.

Thank you.
by Aredhel January 24, 2013
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This is another term meaning "cool" used to show appreciation for something. It can be used liberally in most phrases and is considered more fun and exciting than it's simpler counterpart, when used in conversation.
1. "I'm going to come out tonight and have a drink with you."

"Cool Beans! See you soon."

2. "What do you think of my new coat!"

"It's Cool Beans. I like it!"
by Aredhel January 24, 2013
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