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A man that had everyone he loved taken away from him. Had his one shot at becoming president ruined by someone he later shot to death in a duel. A villain made by life.
Nah he's not a typical villain. He's a Aaron Burr.
by HamiltonStan November 03, 2017
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The villain in our history.. He was too young and blind to see that the world was wide enough for Hamilton and him..
Who's that guy over there?
Oh, you're cold? take my jacket.
No, dumbass.. his name is Aaron Burr.

by Kaliet May 12, 2018
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The fucking asshole who shot The Founding Father Alexanded Hamilton and killed him
You're a real asshole,are you sure you're not Aaron Burr?
by HeatherChandler February 23, 2017
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The asshole who killed the great Hamilton who created the foundation of the powerful economy in the United States. He also conspired against the nation hoping to build a Latin American empire to crush the United States. Additionally, he bad mouthed George Washington on many occasions because he was rejected by him.
Aaron Burr was a failed product of abortion
by Mastro October 09, 2006
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1. The damn fool that shot Alexander Hamilton. Used to refer to a backstabbing cunt who used to be popular but now no

one likes.

2. A fuckboi who will do anything to be in the room where it happens
1. My girlfriend pulled an Aaron Burr on me last night when she slept with my best bud.

2. I'm such an Aaron Burr. I just can't stay away from the ladies
by watastud November 29, 2017
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