Ayaya or AYAYA (for Twitch Emotes) is a memorable yet somewhat annoying quote from Karen Kujo of Kin-iro Mosaic. In the anime adaptation of scene, Karen misidentifies the character "Aya" (aka. Aya Komichi) by calling her "Ayaya." Initially the scene was parodied in various remixes (eg. YouTube videos, GIF reaction etc.) and became internet meme some point around mid-2010.

Few years later, a user called FoveVever submitted the Karen face in the scene to FrankerFacez as Twitch emotes and then the rest is history. It spread like horde of bees in Twitch chat and became prominent as rival of Gachi.
This emotes usually describe when someone or something refer to anything Anime, Manga and Japanese stuff in Twitch.
Examples 1:
Meanwhile in Admiralbulldog Twitch chat section,
Admiralbulldog: Your banned for 3 Days, sir. *Proceed banning the plebs*
Other Twitch chat user: BANNED OMEGALUL
Gachi user: gachiBASS WEEBS AWAY gachiBASS
Twitch Subs: Weebs SoBayed

Examples 2:
Someone donate streamer for playing Japanese related song or videos,
Twitch User: AYAYA Clap AYAYA Clap AYAYA Clap AYAYA Clap AYAYA Clap AYAYA Clap
Streamer: Sorry i am stop playing it, is annoying and pretty cringe. *Proceed stop the song/videos*
Twitch User: BAKA!! PunOko

Examples 3:
The gif below:
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Aya Komichi's nickname given by Karen Kujo
Karen: Yoko, Shinobu and...
Aya: Aya-ya
Karen: Ayaya?
Aya: One character too many. It's Aya-ya
Karen: Ayaya! Ayaya!
Yoko: Ayaya!
Karen and Yoko: Ayaya! Ayaya! Ayaya! Ayaya! Ayaya!
Aya: S-Stop.
by justinerikg18 January 20, 2019
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A cancerous meme that weebs are so proud besides their 'Nico-nico nii', It is a video of a cute girl yelling ayaya for 10 hours on Youtube
Normie: Are you still listening to that video?
Weeb: Hell Yeah I am, Ayaya-Ayaya
by ModeratelyAverageGuy December 6, 2018
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Nickname for Matsuura Aya, a top idol in Japan. She is really cute and got the name Ayaya from Morning Musume member Iida Kaori.
"Hey, did you see Ayaya on Music Station last night?"

"No, I went to an Ayaya concert last week though!!"
by yuji June 26, 2003
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