Au, the international word for peace. Said as one holds their left hand in front of their heart region, fingers extended and plam towards the body, and "sweeps" in down in front on them (only a simple wrist movement is required).
by Poon-master Phoenix September 02, 2003
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Also the abbreviation for Aurora University - The complete opposite of American University.
Lets go to AU tonight and get trashed!
by WordGenie April 15, 2004
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AU is a shorter way of saying alternate universe, quite often used in fanfiction. Normally the writer takes a famous person and makes them non-famous, or 'normal'
I just read an AU that is about, Dan bulling Phil and it ending with them falling in love!
by phxn.howler February 19, 2017
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Stands for Athletics Union in universities. Many people refer to certain night outs as AU night which is a night where members of sports clubs dress up to go out.
by Louisa26 February 09, 2018
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