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An Australian, 12th grade student taking the ATAR ( Australia Tertiary Admission Rank) as of 2009 declared by teh Universities .

These people are a poor bunch of New South Welsh, Australia who will never achieve a UAI of 100, unlike those graduates of pre-2009 highschools and will only be able to achieve 99.95 as the highest rank possible.

ATAR+ Nerd (or retard)= ATARD
"So, pre-2009 graduate, what did YOU get for your ATAR?"

"More than you'll ever get, ATARD."

"Dude, we're ATARDs, now!"
by dasfvhjvfjasf June 29, 2009
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1. A person who creates the illusion of being clever but is actually full of shit; an idiot disguised as an intellect
2. Someone who gets As in school but lacks common sense or is unbelievably slow in other matters
3. Euphemism for calling someone a retard; someone who clearly isn't retarded but also clearly not of normal intelligence
Mel: I did not believe in atards until I met Jennifer
Joe: Yeah, I see what you mean...

*2 minutes until submission time*
Christina: OMG it won't let me upload the assignment !!!
Kate: How about closing the file first, you atard
Christina: Phew

"Anti-vaxxers are all atards"
by jimmyissmart May 20, 2017
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