A retard who cleans the bogs at Asda. These mentally-unfortunate individuals can often be seen fishing out unflushable Hill biscuits with a net and eating them for lunch.
What's David doing?

Fishing out the Snuf biscuits for lunch. Can't get enough of those lovely bourbons. Typical Asda bog cleaner!
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criple 1 : asda for life
ginger 1 : truuuuu
by Kevin Dorito January 12, 2022
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The moment you see someone hot, and you want to tell your friends in a discreet way
Shaniqua: I just had an asda

Marybell: Not fair i want an asda
by StealthyElectra January 6, 2022
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Often confused with Walmart’s british cousin, the acronym ASDA is frequented in text speak of English youths. Standing for ‘AAH SHIT DADS AWAKE’, it is often used whilst piledriving your stepmother, or sneaking in a coke-fuelled street whore who’s just that little bit too loud
SHHH come up quietly!’
*Drug-ridden prostitute gets ketty legs and falls down stairs*
by Kifaru September 1, 2020
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will cheat on you for someone worse
by kaywa.wuvs.me January 29, 2020
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