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The vilest, sickliest and cheapest contents of a Snufbag. Officially classed as food but should never be consumed by humans. Ethiopians have been known to turn their noses up at these foul creations, choosing starvation instead.
Mickus: What's in this week's Snufbag?

Mum: A bag of crisps and 18 packets of Hill biscuits.

Mickus: OK, throw me the crisps and shove the shit down the bog where it belongs.
by Lumpbag April 26, 2009
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A cheap, shit brand of biscuits. They are vile and sweeter than sugar. These are loved by SNUF and so he buys Me and Mickus 20 packs each in every SNUF Bag every week. We hate em so we bog the bastards down the Asda toilets and shit on em. This will be the fate of every Hill Biscuit.
MONKUS: What's in this weeks SNUF Bags?

SWYTHEERBRIDGE: A bag of crisps and 20 packets of Hill Biscuits.

MONKUS: OK I'll eat the crisps now and we'll take the Hill's to Asda to bog em.
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