An acronym for the phrase: As Sexy As Fuck.
For when one is exceptionally sexy.
"That guy over there is Asaf."
"Man alive! I'd hit that!"
by the_egyptian September 7, 2015
"As soon as fuck", came into existence during SARS-CoV-2's global pandemic.
Appeared in response to "ASAP : as soon as possible", people couldn't meet each other and move to another place for months. So the things couldn't be ASAP as long as life wouldn't be collective : ASAF means "when life brings back to normal".
AGNÈS : I'm gonna marry you as soon as possible !
DORANTE : But you're still locked in your suit, and you have to marry Arnolphe, your father.
AGNÈS : I love you and we gonna marry, ASAF !
by Tahnkredo April 4, 2021
An acronym for the phrase: As Soon As Feasible.
by Safmiester G April 2, 2007
Used to describe an individual who is seeking attention at an extra level.
Attention Seeking As Fuck
Geez Louise, did you notice how over the top Bianca was today? She's so ASAF...
by MarcoHoff February 14, 2020
An acronym for the phrase: As Soon As Fuck. Similar to ASAP but way faster.
(ex) Bitch, make me a sandwich and I'll need it ASAF
by CASHVA3 September 5, 2012
As soon as fuck or expediting an either understood or specified action.
I’ll be there ASAF.
by STATT DUNDREWS March 12, 2019