As Reckless As Possible.

Related forms
ARAP, verb
ARAPness, noun (both proper and improper nouns)
ARAP, adjective
ARAPly, adverb

9:34pm, 20th of July 2012, Adelaide, Australia
Girl 1: OMFG let's J-walk #yoloooooo

Guy 1: That's the ARAP way brah!
by Q-And July 21, 2012
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when someone stops fucking you without your consent..

the opposite of rape.
Man, I was so pissed when Patrick turned me down last night.

Yeah, you totally got araped. That's bullshit.
by Maybe Steve August 31, 2009
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A cool dirty blonde man. Extremely sexy normaly has huge cock. He is short but dont underestimate his power he badass a chick magnet and is a muscular great guy. He will bring fun every where he go he will beat the shit outa you if you fuck wit him or his homies. Ajh will fuck foreva. He normaly is always good at being sly and staying still for long periods of time.
(Girl1) Hey what is up with all these guys they all suck why is this party full of losers?

(Girl2) What you talkin bout theres Arap whos so sexy and tough

(Girl1) Oh, I thought he was a statue the way he was so charming and so still ha.
by Alanah Carer January 3, 2012
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Arap is also referred to as God himself. You should never mess with him, because he will punish and possibly torture you.
Dont disrespect Arap. He will strike you down, using thunder as his primary weapon, he is also called manolis.
by Arristo November 14, 2019
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Arap : Reza Arap Oktovian gamers ganteng idaman. fuck pencitraan, nakal tapi tampan
by Kayu Berkarat December 15, 2020
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the NERDIEST mfer ever . an arap is worth like 100 sheldon coopers. the biggest brain ever, knows Everything and lets you know that they know too. theyre also definitely batshit crazy in a good way
omg you know that guy who destroyed us in trivia? what an arap
by pureunadulteratedspite June 25, 2022
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