a site that is better that wattpad and the only sexy people use 😳😩🥵🥴✨
wattpad user🤮- why do you use ao3, wattpad is so much better😒

ao3 user🥴✨- shut your little bitch ass up motherfucker, you are basic🥺 you don’t even know good fanfiction, hdhfhf YOU ARE GETTING BOUGHT BY WEBTOON 😏😀🤮🥲✨ lol-z get a life 😄🥴🤮😘
by b1S(00T1 March 5, 2021
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One of the best places to read smut. Even better than wattpad, but the smut there is all getting taken down :/ Has some of the best smut stories I ever read
I love ao3! Has some of the best porn I've ever read
by February 7, 2022
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An occurence in which a fanfiction author (typically writing on archiveofourown.org) gets into an extremely sticky situation, but said author's first priority is their fanfic. This event commonly leads into an authors note apologising for a hiatus that is obsurdly reasonable.

Examples of "sticky situations" include:
Getting stuck in a flood
Finals for school
Hurricanes taking out power
Accidentally drinking bleach
Having loved ones die
Going on vacation
Having your roommate take of their meds at once
Having your beta reader go to prison
Going to prison

Synonyms include "Ao3 author syndrome"
"I started writing fanfiction a week ago and I'm already struggling from the ao3 author curse"
by Random person ig February 14, 2023
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An occurrence in which someone gets into a situation in which they can't work on something they want to work on- typically but not limited to fanfiction.

Ao3 author syndrome gets its name from the popular fanfiction website "archiveofourown.org" and how authors always want to write fanfiction, even if they accidentally drink bleach or get run over.

Ao3 author syndrome is kind of a synonym for the Ao3 Author Curse, but the Ao3 Author Curse refers to exclusively fanfiction authors
"I've been writing this essay for 10 hours straight, guess I got Ao3 Author Syndrome."
by Random person ig February 14, 2023
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Verb (present tense ao3ing)
- To read a fanfic on ao3 (archive of our own)
- to OBSESSIVELY read ao3 every day
Alright, im going to ao3 now.
Ao3ing is fun, if you like kinky shit or pure nonsense.
by starlight_xx :D August 29, 2023
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