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Acronym: After Jog Bog. The typically loose and barely controllable bowel movement that many distance runners experience immediately after a long run. Variation on after grog bog.
Jim: Great run, man. You want to grab a beer?

Tim: Thanks, but I better go before I AJB right here.
by Travlaki August 31, 2008
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Acronym for Anal Joy Boy. A person who usually for payment, but not always, will take it in the back door for someone else's enjoyment, although they probably enjoy it as well on some sort of weird level.

Also a kind of Bender.
Adrian John Boddington is an AJB, and he loves it in the chocolate starfish.
by BigBrother1978 February 24, 2014
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someone who tends to take it up the bum in public toilets.
yeah man i totally AJB 'd a girl in tescos toilets last night.
by g-dawgggggg November 01, 2010
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noun- A-Jewfaced-Bitch
Yo man you gotta get AJB off of your back.

Nobody likes AJB.
by peachesxo February 11, 2007
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