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Typically someone who is pale and sickly looking. This person will almost always bring down the vibe of a room because of his sickly appearance that can be misunderstood as having AIDs. Will usually try to fit into a crowd but will most likely be an outcast because of his AIDs appearance.
Derek asked me to go to lunch today but I passed because he just looks so sickly. What an AIDs boy.

Did you meet that kid who mopes around with no care in the world? Oh, you mean AIDs boy? No, that kid Derek hangs out with. I bet he infected him.
by nalgenepoo May 01, 2006
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1. A name you give to a fuckboy after he's gone on a one night stand. After fucking all those women he's most likely caught an STD or aids from one of them.
2. A Guy who has sex with girls without telling about the fact that he has an STD beforehand.
"Brian keeps going on streaks of fucking as many girls as possible overnight. He's becoming an AIDs Boy."
"Tyler keeps having sex with his girlfriend without telling her about his STD..... AIDs Boys piss me off."
by Radical Something May 16, 2018
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