absolutely the BEST FUCKING BAND EVER!!.davey havok the ultimate singer..his voice is soo unique snd jade puget very talented wif his guitar can play the softest and soothing melodies but can also play very powerful and emotional.hunter fantastic base player he forms the background of the song makin it worthwhile 2 listen 2.and adam carson drummer not much 2 say bout him but he iz AWSOME!! becuz hes in afi :D
by bob January 06, 2005
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AFI is still really good...but its just so weird how they got such a fake fanbase in the last year
13 year old girls like AFI, what the fuck
whatever, still gotta remember all the other albums their new fans never heard of
by MattVVVVnj September 24, 2006
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Stands for A Fire Inside.
The best band alive.
Better than the American Film Association.
A.F.I. contains beautiful lyrics, as well as memorable melodies and mesmerizing harmonies.
by Clarity January 18, 2004
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Ass Fuckers Incorporated. anyone who likes this band should eat shit and die. the lead singer is some knob jockey who is super emo and is an obvious cross-dressing prostitute. usually enjoyed by pre-pubescent girls and guys who like other guys wearing makeup with long hair
shit head: "man, A.F.I. is cool"

someone with brain: "no. they suck big fat penis."

shit head: "yea you're right, im going to stop listening to them because they are the worst band in the world"
by you are sofa king we todd it November 10, 2006
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An 80's band that teens like me and my friends absoulutely LOVE because it expresses how a teen feels with all the pressure and drugs that you posers put in front of us. It stands for "a fire inside" and is presented by 4 guys that look like super hot aliens.
Little guy: what are your favorite bands?
young lady: oh that would be alot but AFI is my favorite.
Little guy: who?
Poser: oh just a bunch of emo dudes crying bout death
young lady: really? Take this
*young lady beats the crap out of the poser*
by Katerina Stevens May 24, 2006
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One of the worst bands ever created. They sold out and became fags. Their music was 100x better when they were goths who lick each other on stage
some goth kid: I like AFI!
Person who likes REAl music: shoves the goth to the ground and kicks him in the gut*
by zxcv June 23, 2005
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An amazing band no matter what you wanna catagorize them as. Their sound has changed a lot since the departure of their old bassist and guitarist (who were replaced by Jade Puget and Hunter Bergan), but more noticeably since the new album "Sing The Sorrow". Many people criticize them for this, mainly because it brought forth a whole new group of posers, which hardcore fans hate.
Preppy Poser 1: d00d hav y0u hurrD STS11!!?//?
Me: Yes, have you heard any of their older albums?
Preppy Poser 1: Th3y HaV uth3r AlbuMs!/!?
by punkgtrst096 March 22, 2005
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