AFI's most recent album.

A lot of people became AFI fans due to this album. There is a lot of prejudice toward fans that heard STS first, some of which is justified.

The AFI community is composed of very very hardcore fans that are annoyed when someone claims that they are are huge AFI fan when they've only heard one of the six albums AFI has made, not including EPs, vinyls, ect. Most of the time, that one album is STS.
Fan1: I became an AFI fan through Sing the Sorrow. Now I own all of their albums! I love AFI.

AFI community: That's cool.

Fan2: OMGliek sliver n c0ld iz hawt!!1 a.f.i. ROX MY SOX! 1'm thur B!GG3ST F@N!

AFI community: ...Fuck you.
by morbidly_yours September 13, 2004
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AFI's album that came out around 2003, it was their third album that was actually good. Showed a lot of depth and progress they have made, transforming from an awful punk band to a more musically sound and artistic band. Their move towards a more darker aspect has generally created a wider fanbase and a much more detailed persona.
by Chris April 21, 2005
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AFI's sixth full-length album that shows a more compassionate side of song-writing, it's truly poetic. They no longer are the angry punks they once were but have evolved into a mature alternative band.
This album really kicked off the band's career. Now they have an audience ranging from preps (to my dismay) to hardcore metalheads that are afraid to admit their liking of AFI's sensitive lyrics.

I myself was introduced to STS and fell in love.
by Danielle J. August 21, 2005
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I just got Sing the Sorrow for my birthday, I'm going to blast eveyone's ears out with this fantastic music!
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