A skin condition caused when a person continuously picks at their pimples.
Bill: "Carol, what happened to your face? It was fine five minutes ago and now you look like you have the chickenpox."

Carol: "Oh. That's just acne."
by j1ggy January 17, 2009
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also known as "TA", Tit Acne is when a female developes an acute case of acne (or zits) on the breast area.
Damn Amanda, you better do somethin about that tit acne before Brian dumps your ass.
by Bonanza88 June 20, 2008
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As the term implies, an eruption of weeping sores in and around the vulva (pussy/snatch/twat/cunt/meat wallet).

See also clitzit.
Say, Doc, could you write me out a prescription for something? I've got snatch acne and my boyfriend won't fuck me!
by Robert E. Porter September 07, 2007
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An affliction, typically of post-pubescent males, whereby sebaceous glands in a region of the body become overactive once nearby skin is shaved with a razor. Affected regions of the body are typically the neck and near the mouth and jaw, though people who shave their chest or anus or pubic regions may experience razor acne in these regions as well.
I downloaded a shitty porn. The guy had razor acne all over his browneye and gooch, and they kept showing closeups. It was nadsty. As in, he shoulda used Nads.
by CapnCrouton May 13, 2004
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A word class footballer who tends to never date girls his age he has the heading ability of Ryan mason and has spots the colour of my infected genitles. His pube curled hair drips with grease everytime he shags his dwarf 3 year old girlfriend
oh hey look at that acne pubehead
wow look over there mother I spot a couple of acne pubeheads
by e7 destroyer February 24, 2018
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Acne believed to be developed from tangoing so much that you clog your pores by accumulating numerous individuals' sweat, oil, and dead skin. Common places of development include right cheek for men; forehead and/or either cheeks for women depending on your embrace.
Dude, you might need to consider washing your face during the milonga, your tango acne is spreading!
by Dawsoniana October 25, 2013
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