A steroid user that usually has a small penis. Mainly caucasion. Most of the time cocky but really just hiding how big of a pussy he is.
HEY IM A-Nubz lil dude. let me suck your cock
by Russ Goleti and Big Nose April 16, 2008
Plural of the word "Nub"

1. People, who despite any amount of time or effort in doing something/completing a task, fail miserably.
2. A group of people who are so pro, that they make everyone else a sad panda, in everything they do.
3. People who lag so viciously that they are unable to take part in most gaming activities.

Contrary to popular belief, nubz don't have to be just in video games.
1. Nubz: "Fam we trained fo' weekz to do dat London Marathon together, and then simultaneously passed out after 1 mile!"

Pros: "U Nubz XD"

2. Pros: "Omg u randy, I pwn'd u 4 da 23rd time there! Get good kid!"

Nubz: "U guyz r Nubz! T.T"

3. Nubz: "Holy shizzle I just got a WHOLE 10 FPS!!!! :D"

Pros: "What is this lag!? I'm even dropping below 6000fps right now!! D:"
by TheDuckster February 1, 2014
plural of nub which is noob/skrub
these nubz succ
by hamiltonfan951 February 16, 2017
A different way to type 'noobs' (plural of noob).
Annoyed gamer: "We're losing because I have a team full of nubz".
by ThisIsntMyRealName July 28, 2013
Basically the shorter version of noobs.

by Guy That Makes Definitions December 16, 2021