Abbreviated form of Ass Neck. A person who is acting in a way that is not cool or socially acceptable.
Dude, check out Freakin' Bill double dipping the hot sauce, what a flippin' A-Neck.
by Hooly Kitty January 23, 2007
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A phrase Brock Molden and Carl Lightfoot started to address everyday situations. The world may never know the actual full definition. :(
Asha is such a neck neck. Carissa is definitely Neck #2. Ash quit being a neckum.
by MOLDFOOT October 16, 2011
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Receiving fellatio from a resident of an extremely rural area, such as a redneck. The giver of the fellatio may or may not be of distant relation to the receiver.
I met my second cousin out in the corn field and got some of that neck neck.
by Dr. Darnold July 22, 2017
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Having a (noun) to yourself.
Being by/to yourself.

Originated from the San Francisco Bay Area
I got the house to the neck.
Do you have the whip to the neck?
Once her main gone, I'm finna have her to the neck!
First off, I wake up with a blunt to the neck.
I'm going to neck this wood and then I'm finna slide.
Since I moved out the bay, I don't really fuck with anyone out there & I don't got anyone else around. I've been to the neck, really by my lonesome.
by baylingo March 29, 2020
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to passionately kiss someone - generally a type of snog.
hazza: mate were you necking on or tashing on with that lass?
bazza: mate we were necking on
by tonkles April 02, 2015
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Used describe 2 people ferociously kissing with tongues.
"Seen them two necking on, they should get a room"

"Shall we neck on?"
by sugarjay9 April 27, 2010
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