For the smartest boys and girls. If your not doing yours, just what are you doing with your life?
I am currently doing my A levels and will attend University in late September!
by Quitelate2 May 30, 2008
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The alternative to IB for 16 year olds in the UK.

Meant to be getting easier, but seriously, fuck off
Old Fag: When I was a lad, I had to kill a man to get a job

A-level student: 'cos you were a retard. I dont care about you
by chris plox. August 17, 2008
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Used for example, when describing services offered by escorts.

See also CIF, CIM, COB, OWO, FK, 69.
by roberto123 August 12, 2005
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When you feel euphoria beyond normal.
As the poppers rose thru their nostrils and cleared any sign of cellular life in the brain, the thought of euphoria; of life without illusion emerged they exclaimed, "I'm on a Level!" Then w/o warning the mood dropped and they looked around to see nobody left at the party ☹️ - Dillon
by AidanEriol July 24, 2020
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A form of torture that will be used within the last years of high school to inflict as much pain as possible on you in the hope you will stay in high school for longer
These A-levels made me stay in high school for another 2 years
by No_Quarter_for_them March 06, 2020
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These shitty qualifications an individual will do at 16-18 to determine whether they get into a good university or stay unemployed for the rest of your life
Side effects: sleep deprivation, loss of the will to live, stress spots. Warning: could result in you yeeting yourself off of a bridge.
Alevel further maths student: What is this
Alevel maths student: Idk
Alevel physics student: me either
Alevel biology student: don't look at me. I can't tell my triglycerides from my-
Alevel sociology student: -wtf is that!?
Alevel history student: did you know that Queen Elizabeth the first d--
Alevel drama student: Shut the fuck up.. I'm swamped in coursework and--
Alevel history student: you want to talk about coursework?! You should see all the-
Alevel chemistry student: -WILL YOU ALL JUST SHUT UP!!!
Alevel psychology student: *quickly takes notes and psychoanalyses all everyone*
via giphy
by ContemparyXDrama October 12, 2020
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