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The A-levels (Advanced Level Examinations) is a series of exams that one will take at the age of 18.

Numerous students choose to take this exam after sitting for the O-levels (Ordinary Level Examinations), which tends to make others wonder why one would want to experience this suffering yet again at an advanced level.

Prior to the A-Levels, one will spend two years preparing for the examinations at a Junior College. During this period of time, the student will go through lectures, tutorials and various phases of regret.

It is commonplace for many students to believe that taking the A-levels was the biggest mistake of their life, in which they are correct.
Person 1: What are you studying for?
Person 2: My A-Levels.
Person 1: What is that?
Person 2: The biggest mistake of my life.
by L1MS0N November 03, 2013

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