Doing a Harvey Specter, is to dismiss another drivers achievements on the car, and say a car was "championship capable" when it clearly was not. With their favourite driver being an obvious exception.
"Look at this overtake Max did! Brilliant driving!"
A Harvey Specter: " it CLEARLY shows the car was championship capable, period."
by Lewis Hamiltion Fan 33! January 8, 2022
Harvey Reginald Specter is a fictional character on USA network's "Suits". He is one of the best lawyers at his firm; "Pearson Hardman", and is equipped with excellent one liners, a big ego, a plenty of charm. He also enjoys the occasional puff of the sacred herb. He's quite badass, to the extent that some viewers want to become a lawyer after seeing him on Suits. Despite that fact that it's just a TV show, it's actually pretty understandable.
Person 1: Who's that handsome, well-suited, clever, uber-confident yet cheeky man that's walking towards us?
Person 2: Oh that's Harvey Specter. I want to be just like him.
by Casablanca1206 February 16, 2013
Getting your ass kicked by a major Harvard badass - in anything and everything you do. You quickly learn the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary"
I was in line for a partnership before Blackmon Harvey Spectered my ass.
by KImCobain June 16, 2018
he's a hotter version of Woody from Toy Story.

harvey specter did you say? hot.
by Cillian Michael Murphy March 19, 2022