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Australian Slang term originating on the 3rd of February 2017.

Darren "Dazza" Sharpe etched his name into Australian folk lore with the likes of Alf Stewart, Warren from Vodafone, Big Kev, Bob Hawke, Captain Cook and Steve Irwin when he provided over 100,000 Australians with a Faceboom Live Stream of the Danny Green vs Anthony Mundine 2 boxing bout.

The Live Stream was cut short after a call from some dick head at Foxtel, demanding the feed be taken down to avoid legal proceedings.

"Doin a Dazza" or simply "a dazza" can be used in many ways as a term of endearment or to request a favour.
Eg. 1: "Hey mate, can you do us a Dazza and come help build this cunt of a retaining wall on the weekend"

Eg. 2: "Oi lad, do us a Dazza and let us bum a durrie"

Eg. 3: "Did you see that bloke help those sheilas take their knickers off?"

"Yeah mate. What a fuckin Dazza that cunt was!"
by Soufm88 February 03, 2017
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