Progressive trance features long builds and more subtle breakdowns, there are no high pitched blaring synths that trance is known for. Progressive trance and trance are beginning to merge, although true prog elitists reject the new progressive trance as real progressive trance (note: Probspot)

And no, progressive trance has absolutely nothing to do with the drug e, happy hardcore and eurodance or just plain cheesy trance are more linked, progressive trance is a pretty serious genre.
Some progressive trance producers would be James Holden, joof, Luke Chable, Lemon 8, and Dogu Dimmez.
by Pat H. April 2, 2005
By far the best form of trance, and arguably edm, that is known. Shunning the instant melodies and loud exaggerated buildups found in anthem/epic/uplift trance, it loses a lot of mainstream appeal, but is a haven for those who despise the overdone, almost cheesey sound of most anthem trance.

Many progressive trance songs are at or above 8 minutes in length, feature a slow and gradual buildup and breakdown, and have a soft and ambient sound. Common producers and DJs in this genre include Markus Schulz, James Holden, Gabriel & Dresden, Leama, Gareth Emery, Sonorous, and Andy Moor.

Progressive trance's appeal is its deep sounds, subtle changes, and long progression; a feeling as if you are going through a journey into the music.
Dude, I heard Sasha play Xpander, and I cried like a wuss! Progressive trance rules!
by Runtime January 6, 2008
A form of ecstatic and euphoric EDM music that is highly repetitive. The music is played in nightclubs, music festivals, etc. Progressive trance is filled with melody and emotion.
by Ruel de Ronde February 11, 2017
Trance of the 90's. More of a hit and miss sub-genre of Trance. It is not really "progressive" as it continues to do what the original Acid Trance once did...but then got worse. It also sounds exactly the same as the e-tarded Progressive House. Anyone who loves the music in this genre will think they are an "electronic know-it-all" and have an overinflated ego.
Robert Miles & DJ Sasha and Digweed start here
by Jefro The Nig Controller July 2, 2004