Colloquialism/collective noun

1. A description of the current British political system.

2. Football hooligans
3. Estate agents
The back-door privatisation of the NHS is testament to the fact we have a shower of cunts we have to deal with.
by dizzyeyedbex October 19, 2016
a harmless banter said by the flawless, Niall Horan, meaning a group of annoying persons.

this phrase caused Niall to apologize (via Twitter) even though Gods do not have to apologize for anything.
annoying fans: omg Niall omg I love you omg bro tanks omg lucky charms omg Ireland omg crocs

Niall 'the boss' Horan: get away from me, ya shower of cunts I don't need this I'm fabulous.
by niall's-cunttt July 6, 2012
A group of cunts numbering more than 8 that are gathered in the one place. A cunt gathering or "shower". The correct collective term for cunts.
I dont want to go to Paul Pedinghams place as it usually contains a shower of cunts
by Peter Pedingham August 21, 2007
Irish colloquial expression for a group of people that you find incredibly annoying to be around. Generally people you know and dread meeting. But the term has broad applications in life.

The awful prefix can be changed for terrible, woeful, despicable, or my personal favourite, insufferable.
Brian: "I'm not looking forward to this this job. The lads down there are an awful shower of cunts!"

Niall: "Aw they're an absolute fucking insufferable shower of cunts!"

Brain: "D'ye want a smoke?"

Niall: "Yeah go on..."
by Kurt Cocaine September 23, 2009
an absolute twat, or group of twats that think they are better or cooler than everybody else
"omfg look at that utter shower of cunts, they havent even got an apple tini"
by ZooLanderr July 12, 2008