Typically a name for the male species, can also be used to describe the act of wearing knee-high fishing boots, sticking the back legs of a four legged animal to prevent escape, then fucking the living shit outta them
"oh man!! Did you hear that noise last night?"

guy #2 "Oh yeah! I gave my dog a scott last night, and he wouldnt shut up"
by 1acacac234 September 24, 2007
1. An alternative name for a vibrator or dildo.
2. Your snatch's best friend.
1. Honey, will you get me a scott-scott for Christmas.
2. The community scott-scott ran out of batteries.
3. Laura must be so loose because her scott-scott is huge.
by Scott Scott March 27, 2008
meaning sexx.
or a totally rad person..
who is extremely sexxxy.
kristen: that boy is so scott scott
yolanda: i agree
by a;lsdkfj;lsaf September 14, 2008
Scott is the MOST perfect person and boyfriend you’ll ever meet. Scott is also the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. He’ll always make up smile when your sad he’ll always put your life in front of his. His the most perfect kind of person like you cannot imagine someone like him. You are really lucky if you meet a Scott, but you’ll be even more lucky if you meet MY Scott. He’ll wait for you when your texting him and he’s tired he’ll wait to read your text. He’ll go out of his way for you. He also pays attention to the littlest things you say. When your feeling really ugly and fat and jealous, he’ll make you feel like your the only girl in the world. He’ll help you with everything. Scott is also the best kisser EVERR. He’s more then you could imagine I could never ask for more. He’ll love you for who you are and forever. He also never breaks a promise he’ll keep that like how he’s gonna keep you forever. When Scott means forever me means it. Scott never lies, unless it’s someone he doesn’t like but that’s a different story. In Scott’s mind your ideas are better, your choices are far more important to his. Scott is the HOTTEST\ SEXIEST person ever . He’s is also soo

cuteeee I can not explain to you enough about how cute and adorable he is. Scott is the funniest\ funnest person to be around. He’s also friends with everyone. He’ll support you no matter what. If someone is mean to you he’ll stand up for you. But DONT TAKE MY MAN if you do I’ll fight you! And that’s on periodt
Me- Scott ik it’s late and your tired you can go to bed and read me text in the morning.

Scott- Nuuuuu ima stay up and read your txt
by scolettaforever March 24, 2020
Normally a chill laid back guy is a Scott. Scott’s aren’t afraid to try something new especially if it’s food and they love their alcohol. A Scott normally has a penis 7+ inch’s.
Scott’s a chill dude
by Figgy August 17, 2018
Someone who is likely to randomly steal or delete your kneecaps at anytime without prior consent and/or warning.
Person: SCOTT!!!
wtf are you doing!?!?

Scott: give me your fucking kneecaps!
by Langlespank November 12, 2020
When the thought came to you to search the word Scott, you likely became aroused. Typing the word probably gave you a raging hard-on or, most likely, made you wet as an Hawaiian evening on a black-sand nude beach. Reading the word Scott almost certainly rocked your world with one of the most intense verbal induced orgasms of your life. Don't change your pants yet, because there are still more Scott definitions to read. And for those who would consider dating an ex girlfriend of a Scott, don't try it. These women are used Scotts, and will not be satisfied with anything else unless sexually starved for seven years, which is how long it takes for every cell in the body to be replaced.
Monica: Ever since I started dating a Scott I have needed to triple my caloric intake due to the sheer severity and instances of spontaneous orgasms I have experienced.

Rob: As your brother I am kind of unhappy that you told me that.
by Millhouse's Dog April 1, 2011