To think only about oneself. To be selfish.
His is just one way when it comes to doing favors.
by D.David June 18, 2007
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Masturbating with oneself.
Greg: "Sarah, Jessica, and I had a three-way last night, son! What you do?!"
Josh: "One-way, dude. One-way."
by ReyCHUL August 24, 2011
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when vacationing in thailand you or any one of your friends will buy several inexpensive whores and not share them even when it is obvious you wont be using all of them.
Tom- man, did you see the girls i got?
Bob- yeah, nice choice, mind if i borrow the one in blue?
Tom- sorry, they are all mine
Bob- dude, youre such a fucking one way
by colon plow May 1, 2005
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when a group of dudes/girls mess wit or fuck the same girl/dude.basically a team player.
"In the A we fuck wit peepul {da long way},but up in COV i fuck wit dem only one way."
by th@ K!DD January 10, 2010
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to be geeked up "rolling hard" on ecstacy
whew im on that one way right now feeling like AY!
by rod biz January 22, 2009
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In the game "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" In HvH specifically, A "one way" or a "one way wallbang" is a wallbang that is only wallbangable from one side. Meaning you cannot shoot back at the person in that position. A "fake-duck one way" is an angle that is made into a one way by using the fake-duck cheat.
I'm hiding in the one way because I don't know how to win otherwise
by NotRedacted March 22, 2022
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An homosexual person who is only fuckable by the ass
Bob: man did you see that one gay mofo!
Steave: yea sure he is a one way.
by Valkyrie01 May 2, 2006
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