Sweet, warm, loving, caring, heartfelt, gentle and comforting hugs. a hug is a sacred embrace you share with the person you love. when you hug... nothing else matters. just the moment then and there. in pure bliss and stillness.
They say hugs can take away all worries and replace it with tranquility, peace and love.
by kdawwwwggggydawwwg July 4, 2010
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A way of making someone feel all warm and fuzzy inside without being weird about it
Person 1: Tony's not having a good day. I think he needs a hug
Person 2: Yes i think he does. Let's go give him one
by Lily November 4, 2003
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Something that can make a girl feel protected, or a man feel loved. Tight, strong hugs can make someone feel special and important.
Please give me a hug, your strong arms around me make me feel loved.
by VictimToVillain May 4, 2015
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One of the best ways to make someone feel better is to give them a big warm fuzzy HUG.
I gave someone a hug, and now they feel better.
by NecroGrim August 28, 2005
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a PERSON: YAY -hug- :D
by your mom ;D January 5, 2008
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The plural form of hug; more than one warm, affectionate embrace (whether offered by the same person or by many).
Hugs can't solve everything, but they do help a good friend know that you love them.

"This is your brain on hugs..." (announcer tucks an egg into a nest of pillows) "...Any questions?"
by Ingeborg S. Nordén May 15, 2006
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