something simple, yet beautiful if your with the right person
by --- October 7, 2003
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a.This amazing thing you do with a girl when there is no teachers around so they don't yell "PDA!".

b. A reference to the previous definition.
Why is my heart beating so fast? Oh, I'm hugging a really hot girl on the last day of school.

True story...
by Human_Dictionary June 4, 2009
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1. A confused hershey kiss, thats a hermaphrodite.
2. The act of embracing someone
3. An increasingly popular substitution for drug use
commonly used phrase: Hugs not drugs. In that case I need some hugs.
by Botswana May 12, 2005
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MadJill101: Hey I missed you!
TripKate3: I missed you too! *hugs*
by chucknorrispwnsn00bz January 2, 2009
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A pleasant alternative to other, more vulgar terms that are derived from physical intimacies. A watered-down explicative. A term to be used when innocent ears are around or when the setting dictates that obscenities not be used (i.e. business lunch, meeting with parole officer, picking up the kids at daycare.)
Man 1: "Hey ya dumb SOB, that was my parking spot!"
Woman 1 (in Minivan with kids) "Yea, well go hug yourself"

Man 1: "My wife just left me."
Man 2: "Man, that really hugs."

Parole Officer 1: "The judge just rescinded your parole cuz your still addicted to crack and you knocked over that liquor store."

Reprobate 1: "Man, that hugs! you can tell that judge to Hug Off."
by gkev228 March 28, 2008
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A hug is an emotional yet comfortable way of showing affection to a family member friend or lover.
Example 1:Come over here let me give you a squeeze hug.
Example 2: the girl is crying let me give you a hug .
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd April 26, 2020
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A hug is something you do to someone who needs affection, care, and love. You wrap your arms around them so they'll feel safe, appreciated and cherished. If they hug you back, it's kinda like a symbol of loyalty, or compassion. Maybe even love. But that's just my definition.//
"I hugged him to comfort him in his tough times."
by εפοяαρτοя ငнαη September 1, 2015
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