A beef jerky.

A beef jerky is the act of giving or receiving a handjob. Usual one would use saliva or some sort of lube for a handjob; a beef jerky requires uncooked ground beef.

Why do you ask? Say your camping, forgot to bring lube and both you and your partner have the pasties. Look no further then a pack or room temperature ground beef.

You can also use other ground meats.

If your partner vigorously jerks fast enough this will create enough heat to have a meal after sex.
Hey grab a handful of that ground beef and give me a beef jerky.
by Chokiecat February 04, 2018
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An ultimately great dried meat snack for awesomely-delicious taste!
Guy 1: Hey you want some Beef Jerky

by Mrtacoman November 24, 2011
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A delicious dried, smokey beef snack. Quite possibly the manliest food known to man. Don't be fooled by those pussy beef stick imposters. You can see the "grain" of the beef in real jerky.
Frank: "Hey John, you want some of this beef jerky?"

John: "No thanks."

Frank: "Pussy."
by Guestly December 30, 2011
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The act of jerking off to thoughts of disgusting cows like Brittney Spears (and I'm talking today's Brittney Spears, not the Brittney Spears of ten years ago.
I had some beef jerky today. I was watching About Schmitt and I saw Kathy Bates totally nude. Couldn't help but jerk off to that cow.
by rogerthewhale September 11, 2011
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Jerky is the World's healthiest and best tasting snack food. Typically 97% fat free and no carbs, perfect for any and all diets. Widely used by weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts. Also is the most sold snack item to out Troops.
I found the biggest selection of beef jerky anywhere online at http://www.jerky.com/.
by The Jerky Guy October 07, 2008
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