To get completely smashed; pound down brewskies
Dude we are toatally getting whelaned tonight!!!

Dude that kid is totally whelaned, he just fell down the bleachers
by merrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr December 2, 2010
Irish name : whelan = faolain
translated as: wolf
the whelans where an irish tribe who controlled the deise region of waterford in ireland.
Hot girl: " Did you say your name was Whelan?"
Whelan: "yup"
Hot girl: "wow i heard all Whelans are hung like a horse"
Whelan: "Nah!! its more like a 5 horses"
by Moses666 April 22, 2008
To drink so hard on a Friday, that you don't recover till about noon... on the following Monday.


To be so hungover that you miss work the next day.


To raid your $50 a bottle mini-bar.


To jump in the pool with your phone in your pocket.


To have a great time.
"This project is such a mess, I feel like pulling a whelan and not even showing up tomorrow."

"I thought I had lost my phone, but it turns out I just pulled a whelan with it last night."

"I pulled a whelan with my mini-bar and didn't even make it out of bed for days."

"Work is killing me, tonight I need to go out to whelan hour."

"I drank so much, I thought I had whelan poisoning."

"Why didn't Mike show up for work? He's pulling a whelan."

"I can't wait for this weekend, we're going to take a taxi so we can all get whelan at the bar."
by MikeyW8 June 13, 2008
an innovator, a pioneer, an inventor, someone that creates something completely new.
by apostropherex October 25, 2010
"hey liam, keep my chair, im going to the WHELAN"
by retlas July 20, 2009
some one who whities after 2 hits of weed
whelan is a stupid jeeeeewwwwwwwww
by egtfsw December 15, 2007
To put forward a false narrative in order to shift blame from a famous current friend to a relatively anonymous, childhood friend or classmate. A truly proper "Whelan" is filled with enough detail that any 12-year old able to use a search engine can debunk the "Whelan" in no more than ten minutes.
You knew Kavanaugh's nomination was done the minute his side tried to pull a "Whelan," resulting in another avalanche of bad press.
by GustavNYC September 24, 2018