an obese, obnoxious, socially inept neanderthal who enjoys poaching and irritating everyone around him
When someone is an uninformed d-ck most would say he's being an A Wesley...
by chicoblows March 15, 2010
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Driving way too drunk, even though all of your friends told you it was a horrible idea.
Hey man i just pulled a Wesley to the NEX, so your two shots of white rum don't impress me.
by A wesley April 22, 2017
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Very talented, crazy, friendly guy. Most people doubt their ablilities but Wesley's are very humble, kind, and loving. Sometimes they have a short temper. Not many people understand them or their way of thinking. They see the world how it is and not the way the want to see it. If you ever meet a Wesley, don't waste the opportunity.
Guy 1 "Wesley is so cool. I wish I could be him."
Guy 2 "Yeah he's so fucking cool! I don't even know man.."
Girl 1 "Oh you guys know Wesley? ...I am sooo in love with him <3"
Girl 2 "No way! He's mine! I heard that he's really good in bed too ;)"
by breanna_w August 15, 2013
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A crazy but sexy man that knows how to make you feel special. He makes you fall fast and hard. Always there for you to comfort you. He is happy constantly and tries to make others happy. An amazing lover that can drive you insane! Compassionate and loyal to the end!
When Wesley is around, your heart skips a beat
by LHlover September 7, 2014
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Wesley is a name given to a guy who's crazy athletic and has the most beautiful eyes you've ever laid eyes on. He's caring around others and sweet with anybody he comes across. He will make you fall head over heels with him just by a glance. He may be somewhat intimidating but give it a while and you'll realize that he's a soft and sensitive person. Wesley is outstandingly handsome and makes you feel some type of way!
Did you see what Wesley did for that girl? That's too sweet!
by Kelsey Carter December 2, 2016
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Wesley's tend to spend a lot of their time on the computer, but their dicks are big. They usually start fucking early cause they're that hot. Wesley's tend to fuck every bitch they know, even his teachers. Goddamn.
Wesley you been fucking?
Wesley why all the bitches talking bout you
by DgatezDGod July 31, 2018
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the coolest mother fucker around. His arch nemesis is a Dylan, cuz he's a faggot. he has the biggest cock and personality aroud. he great with the ladies and is the greatest passionate love maker in the universe. he spends his time hunting grizzly bears on top of moooses with only his bear hands (lol a pun).
"Holy fuck he Wesley just killed that bear with his own hands"
by vega hydra December 13, 2017
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