A couple is 2, a few is three, and a shit load is six.
At the drive thru at McDonald's: I need a shit load of Happy Meals.
In court: I have a shit load of parking tickets.
by The Waylon December 31, 2015
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A corruption of the term "shipload" of antiquity, as described the massive cargoes brought into harbor by sea-faring ships. Through association to the perjorative "shit" (itself a corruption of "shite"), the terms "fuck load", "ass load", and "butt load" were all created, the user, unaware of the origins of the term, substituting one curse word interchangeably for another. Over time, the second half of the expression also came to be substituted, most often in cases where "ton" was inserted for "load", whilst still maintaining the previously-replaced derisories as variations of the newly-coined phrase.

In its "proper" form, the phrase would be hyphenated and expressed as a linkage between two words to describe a third, correlated concept (i.e. "shit-load")
Americans commit a shit load of atrocities against the English Language!
by Sidgar July 9, 2013
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Many, as in, more than a few in quantity.
Here's how you count in the ghetto:

One, two, three, and a shit load.
by word up March 19, 2003
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10% more than you can carry at one time.
I can't carry this shit load of boards back to the truck.
by Chris Brennan March 14, 2008
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More than six and less than 29, of any object.
I see a shit load of deer by the woods!

You've got a shit load of marbles in your hand.
by Happyhigh July 31, 2008
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A unit of measurment.
Questionably comparable to the size of one's shit.
by Agravi May 2, 2011
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In all actuality, the term "shit load" originated at the Bowman Grey School of Medicine around 1963. An obscure janitor (M.S. Curtis) out of curiosity began to ask random students at the facility to defecate in empty paint cans left in the restroom stalls for an anonymous and random study on the average mean weight of an adult male bowel movement. The project lasted from March 27 1963 until late September 1964 when an unknown party reported it to the Dean of Students and Curtis was summarily terminated. Mr. Curtis determined that the average weight of an adult defecation at that time was 1.3619 pounds (.6177 kg). The term eventually came to mean a substantial or excessive amount.
That boy is a shit load of trouble.
by Baretree September 11, 2018
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