A guy that will date many girls at once; a guy that will talk to many girls at one time; a guy who wants you for nudes; a guy who calls girl his “hoes” or his “bitch”; a guy who doesnt think cheating is a thing
me: Wow I thought Tommy was dating Tiffany
you: he is
me: then why is he with Arianna?
you: oh because hes a manhoe
by rad but sad July 8, 2019
When a dumbass claims to be in love with more then 3 girls in less than about 2 weeks, usually trying to act like a fboy
Hey, that guy Mike is such a manhoe, he thinks hes a pimp or something
by Kbj3 April 15, 2016
When you a loser, but still get white hoes; you eventually start sleeping with them & become the hoe yourself.

Also, it can be used in terms with a bestfriend, "you eat too much yogurt, manhoe."

(Has to be male) *cant believe I said that in 2017, watch me get fucking murdered*
"Jessica said hi, you manhoe"
It's cheese, but like not cheese.. manhoe
by AmeerAsh March 19, 2017
one who pollenates every flower but his wife's
Lady your man is such a manhoe.
by southern_carley1962 May 18, 2010
a man who's a hoe, or a name used for fun
nick is such a manhoe
by sooperstar567 May 13, 2008
When You Got A Girl Friend But You Crushin On Another Girl. You is Manhoing.
Dude he's dating sharkiesha, but he Manhoing laukesha.
by Defineit101 April 14, 2015
Girl #1: That guy down at the bar just looked at U girlfriend!

Girl #2: That's because he's a manho! He'll look at U next!
by satanhitler November 29, 2003