A guy that will date many girls at once; a guy that will talk to many girls at one time; a guy who wants you for nudes; a guy who calls girl his “hoes” or his “bitch”; a guy who doesnt think cheating is a thing
me: Wow I thought Tommy was dating Tiffany
you: he is
me: then why is he with Arianna?
you: oh because hes a manhoe
by rad but sad July 08, 2019
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When a dumbass claims to be in love with more then 3 girls in less than about 2 weeks, usually trying to act like a fboy
Hey, that guy Mike is such a manhoe, he thinks hes a pimp or something
by Kbj3 April 14, 2016
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When you a loser, but still get white hoes; you eventually start sleeping with them & become the hoe yourself.

Also, it can be used in terms with a bestfriend, "you eat too much yogurt, manhoe."

(Has to be male) *cant believe I said that in 2017, watch me get fucking murdered*
"Jessica said hi, you manhoe"
It's cheese, but like not cheese.. manhoe
by AmeerAsh March 18, 2017
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When You Got A Girl Friend But You Crushin On Another Girl. You is Manhoing.
Dude he's dating sharkiesha, but he Manhoing laukesha.
by Defineit101 April 14, 2015
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A man who has lost touch with his testosterone who indulges in actions deemed inappropriate for men, but acceptable for the opposite sex.
Look at that manhoe sticking his tongue out in pictures! Disgusting! hoe manho gay manslut
by P-BAD February 22, 2010
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