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When a dumbass claims to be in love with more then 3 girls in less than about 2 weeks, usually trying to act like a fboy
Hey, that guy Mike is such a manhoe, he thinks hes a pimp or something
by Kbj3 April 14, 2016
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When you a loser, but still get white hoes; you eventually start sleeping with them & become the hoe yourself.

Also, it can be used in terms with a bestfriend, "you eat too much yogurt, manhoe."

(Has to be male) *cant believe I said that in 2017, watch me get fucking murdered*
"Jessica said hi, you manhoe"
It's cheese, but like not cheese.. manhoe
by AmeerAsh March 18, 2017
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a man that sleeps with a lot of women or a man that sleeps with a lot of men... either way he sleeps around a lot
that guy on the corner sure is one hell of a man hoe... he was with my sister and my brother last night.
by milkshakegirls January 25, 2005
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1. a man that enjoys constant female attention;one who flirts and/or has relationships with more than one woman at a time
2. a man that enjoys sedning/reciving sexual favors to/from more than woman at a time
3. a man that acts like a ho, slut,or whore
That guy is all up on my ass, but he has a girl friend; what a man-hoe!
by da biznitch February 27, 2005
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a man that sleeps around with a whole lot of women; a man with a whole lot of baby mommas
by Jessica aka (babie girl) February 03, 2003
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