A female; usually between 7 and 9 on the attractiveness scale. A Live Laugh Love Girl creates her own drama (mostly for attention, but sometimes due to sheer stupidity) and then clings unnecessarily to generic new-age Hallmark phrases which inspire a positive outlook on life- though she as an attractive female has no real negative external factors (except for being popular and surrounded by people who want to have sex with her).
Cody: "Tori, I heard you broke up with your boyfriend over the weekend, are you ok?"
Tori: "I'm fine, I need to surround myself with positive people and positive energy. I'm a Live laugh love girl, you know?"
Cody: "Well I'm positive I'd like to give you a good dicking. What's up?"
Tori: "Well I am single after all... come over at nine?"
by Frustrato October 29, 2013
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Girls supporting other girls in life and not trying to tear one another down. Building each other up and not spreading hate.
Girl 1: ugh look at her hair, it so ugly.
Girl 2: How does her hair effect your life. Stop being a hater and show some girl love.
by Haromi January 12, 2018
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An internet phenomenon and TF2F forum thread based on a quirky fetish of the known and loved Teamchuckles of TF2F (the team fortress 2 fort).

Often abbreviated to CLFG.
Guy 2: Hmm?
Guy 1: Oh, I was just reading the latest CLFG, funny shit.
Guy 2: lololololololololo.

Teamchuckles: Shut up, buick.
by TF2F July 3, 2009
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The girlfriends/wannabe girlfriends of punk rockers; Underage girls who wear too much makeup, have Cruella Deville hair, dress like streetwalkers, and have a brain the size of a pistachio. Enjoy talking shit, but when faced with a ho of superior status become willing to commit to indentured servitude.
The rock of love bus girls are coming, hide your drugs!

That rock of love bus girl needs to lay off the eyeliner more than she needs another STD check-up.

I porked that rock of love bus girl last night, and now I have Herpes simplex II.
by RoLB girl Connoisseur September 20, 2009
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a line from Oingo Boingo’s controversial song “Little girls” singing about pedophilia in Hollywood. Also something you could get arrested for if you sing it to yourself
Person: “I-I-I-I love little girls, they make me feel so good!”

Person 2: *calls FBI*
by ARandomPersonReading July 30, 2022
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A girl who ALWAYS needs a boyfriend and goes from boy to boy. Also says I love you to them with in the first few weeks of a new relationship. Always thinks the new boyfriend is "the one." Relationships can last from a few weeks to a year. Generally relationships with these girls last a few weeks to a few months.
Girl 1: Nicole has a new boyfriend, she says he really gets her.

Girl 2: Oh really? Like how Chad got her?

Girl 1: Yeah, I know shes such an I love you girl. She thinks evey guy she meets is the one. She rushes things too much.

Girl 1: Next week she'll say I love you and then they'll be over and she'll have a new boy whos "the one"
by EmmyNae June 24, 2009
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Breakout song for the White Stripes, giving them the recognition they deserve. One of its main selling points is the amazing music video consisting only of Legos.
Man, that FILWAG video is awesome!
by 07 represent! November 30, 2004
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