that thing that the quiet kid always has in his backpack and goes PEW PEW and then someone DIES
Teacher: "Hey quiet kid, do you have your homework?"
Quiet kid: "No but i have this!" *Pulls out firearm*
*student died*
by Snowflake12 May 16, 2023
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A gin shopping when performed from the front instead of the back.
"There's way less hair when we fuck gun instead of go gin shopping!"
by Chester P. January 9, 2013
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Fucking the Gun is a term used for an unnecessary sex scene that doesn’t progress the plot and is just there for the sex appeal of the audience.
Person 1: Hey, did you *insert title here*?

Person 2: No, I didn’t. Did anything interesting happen?

Person 1: I don’t know, I stopped watching after they Fucking the Gun halfway through.
by Xfabkmor March 9, 2023
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using your middle finger and thumb to make a gun that is the most powerful insult ever. the next step up from the middle finger.
Danielle: You're a bitch! I want to kik your ass!

Mandy: What the fuck! Don't make me pull out the "fuck you gun"!!

Danielle: Oh shit, okay I'm sorry.
by lampfucker November 17, 2010
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When all hope is lost.
When you run out of gas in the desert, with no water or cell phone, you might say that you are: "Gun Fucked."

"Gun fuck me with the blunt edge of a knife, I spilled all my fucking booze and the stores and bars are closed."
by LATTIN July 19, 2009
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The weapon a person, deity or the universe itself uses when they decide to jerk you around.

Originated on the TV series Dead Like Me.
"I have had the worst week. The universe has really fired the Fuck-With-Me Gun at me."

"Frank decided to give me the collating duties. He's really decided to whip out the Fuck-With-Me gun"
by Mason R. June 10, 2008
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