Someone who thinks they're a failure but in reality they're not. They never seem to do anything right and that's okay humans make mistakes. Never give up don't listen to that voice in your head it'll get better soon it might not be fast but it will get better trust me I know how hard it can be some times and besides who cares what other people think just try to be yourself while also facing the truth that no one is perfect.Just know there will always be people who want to help you.
Karam:I'm A Disappointment

Wyatt:No one's A Disappointment

Kyle:mhm it'll get better someday just hold on and don't let go.
by aRandomNoob7 November 16, 2020
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What my mother calls me when I get a B on my geometry test before she makes me sleep outside
Mom: Robert! Get in here! You got a B? What a disappointment to this family. Go outside and sleep in the cold.

*I proceed to grab my teddy bear and Bible and go outside to appease my crazed mother*

*I also slap myself repeatively while self-scolding myself for my sins against my mother*
by xX_Chromosones_Xx December 4, 2018
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Spending eight hours editing a YouTube video only to have it get 26 views.
"I feel so much disappointment. Big, big oof."
by Ry703 May 13, 2019
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The feeling you get when you uncap a pen and it doesn't turn into a sword
* uncaps pen* dangit! That was a disappointment!* crys*
by Persassy27 March 19, 2017
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