A cupcake cock clown, is a faggot that dresses as a clown with a cupcake.
by AttackOnCrack June 30, 2018
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When you are having anal sex with someone and they fart and it feels like your dick is being blown up like an animal balloon. Similar to jet wash
This chick last night gave me a dirty birthday clown and all morning my whiz has been sputtering, but the jet wash felt great on my balls.
by Donny Bratsco December 12, 2016
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When you use your hand on a chicks head during a bj and her eyes water and the slobber makes her makeup runny and her nose turns red from you slamming her face into your pelvis.
It was awesome she let me use both hands and I turned her into a circus clown, her makeup was runny and her nose was bright red. Best head ever 🤡. I love turning a Girl Into a circus clown!
by WoodBalls January 25, 2021
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Most of kings high school lead by the head clown miss tedd and her gang gang dropping their clown licenses wherever they go
miss ted - the ultimate clown
by Dont_be_a_clown October 30, 2019
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Most of kings high school including miss tedd, you can spot a clown easily, they probably dropped their clown license
miss tedd is the Ultimate Clown
by Dont_be_a_clown October 30, 2019
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Means that you are either "capping" or speaking far from the truth
Example:Jonothan said the earth is flat

You reply with "you clowning"
by Logan the stud October 27, 2020
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