A Boogie With the Hoodie, formally known as “Artist” is the greatest rapper on the planet. He’s straight our of the boogie down Bronx (hence why he calls himself a boogie) and he almost always has a hoodie on or with him.
Music enthusiast #1: “Yoooo, thats A boogie With The Hoodie?? He goes harddd!”
by imfunnyasl June 28, 2019
A boogie wit the hoodie aka Artist is the greatest rapper of all time. A boogie started his rapping career in 2016 at the age of 20. In the 4 years that he’s been in the industry he’s conquered and surpassed any rapper that has ever lived
“A boogie wit the hoodie’s (Greatest rapper of all time) new album was lit
by @Artisthbtl_7 September 10, 2020
A boogie also known as the goat greatest rapper of all time, never misses .
person 1: “who’s your favourite rapper

Person 2: “A boogie wit da hoodie
by Artists biggest fan ever November 25, 2021
A LORD and JESUS from the Bronx also known as dad.
Let me pray for a boogie wit da hoodie and see if i can have a cold one with the boya
by Slipperyjanter June 19, 2017
A dance move where you dress up in winter clothes (especially a sweatshirt or with something that has a hoodie) and bust the fattest/nastiest move of your lifetime.
Damn yo, that Hudson T is breaking it down with the Boogie-Hoodie, I'm going to go make him teach me that!
by olive oil12 September 11, 2022