a "place" where people claim to be when they have left emotional baggage behind; whether this is true or not is only shown by their behavior
After years of therapy and reading self help books, he claimed that he was in A Better Place, but his actions showed that this was not the case
by Meadow Soprano October 2, 2005
Euphimism for Death, kick the bucket, to indicate that someone has died and gone to Heaven, "A Better Place".
by Iron ass March 17, 2006
WOMAN: You need to see your friend. He may die anyday.
MAN: I rather stay out the doctors way. Plus, I rather see him in a better place than suffering. Real talk.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant July 23, 2010
A figurative tax that's imposed on people who do a job that benefits society, or as the "Silicon Valley" cliche goes, "makes the world a better place." Because more people want to do meaningful jobs than worthless ones, the pay tends to be lower. The opposite is the douchebag bonus, where someone makes more money for doing a job that contributes zero or negative value to society.
Jimmy works as as a researcher who has made significant advances in cancer treatment, but he only makes $70k a year because of the better place tax. Meanwhile, Chazz the hedge fund manager gets a huge douchebag bonus and managed to rake in $10 million last year even though all he did was lose a bunch of rich people a bunch of money.
by Nicholas D July 8, 2015