When someone decides to opt out of a rather nerve racking task, instead of just growing some gonads and doing it.
Mike "yeah, Matt was gonna go on Oblivion at Alton Towers, but he totally bottled it."

Mark "yaaaaaaaay, jellies!"


after witnessing his love interest deciding to give the rollercoaster a miss, Matt then asked the attendant "can I bottle it aswell?"
by Mirrorrim August 13, 2007
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When you're on the verge of doing something awesome but back out at the last second or fail to accomplish your objectives due to cowardice.

Whether it's gaining a sizable lead during a Street Fighter match but ultimately losing or posting an inflamatory response on the forum then deleting it are two common examples of how to bottle it.

Also see bottler.
Oh my god, he's going to bottle it... BOTTLER!
by TheFunPolice May 12, 2005
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To lose courage at the last moment and not do something once intended to do.
Steve, "The 2017 China FA Cup Final was such a bottle show! SIPG can really bottle it."

Brandon, "What do you mean?

Steve, "I mean SIPG FC just gave up after conceding an unforgettable goal from Obafemi Martins. They just admitted to themselves that there is only one football team that represents Shanghai."

Brandon, "Yeah, SIPG bottle big matches better than anyone in the league."
by Only Shenhua Rep Shanghai July 25, 2019
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To do well (football team) all season then blow it at the end. e.g. I see your team did a Derby County and bottled it again.
To Bottle. I see your team did a Derby County and bottled it again.
by Ram Boy July 27, 2015
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when a person loses because of nerves, often completely losing his/ her ability.
Steve Davis was 10 - 9 up but bottled it on the black and lost the match.
by tinkytot August 8, 2008
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Slang in Christchurch new zealand, for when you get into a fight and hit your opponent in the head/face with a bottle
man dude, me and the boys were up town the other night and this fool got "bottled"
by physiKARL August 9, 2005
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Inebriation caused by the intoxicating effects of ethanol ingestion.
Whazza matter with James? He just fell down the fucking stairs.

Oh, no worries. He's just in the bottle again.
Damn! He's shat himself!
by YAWA March 29, 2021
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